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"An artist at heart, Paddy's work always has an understated elegance.  Her natural ability to blend exquisite color and attention to detail is what sets her apart from other designers."                                                            Sarasota Magazine



    Paddy is an award winning designer who graduated from the Maryland
    Institute College of Art with a BFA in Interior Design. She is an allied member
    of the American Society of Interior Designers and has more than 35 years of
    experience in the design industry.


    Paddy is an true artist at heart. In looking at her well thought out work, it's
    evident that her energy brings serenity blended with beauty to the homes
    of the everyone she works with.

Over past years Paddy enjoyed donating her time and talent to the Sarasota ASID
   Designer Showhouses that benefited the Boys and Girls Club.  Currently she is a
   participating designer in the Baltimore Sympony Decorator Show House giving her
   time to help the education program of the BSO.


  Better Homes and Gardens    
  Beautiful Baths
  Kitchen and Bath Design
Sarasota Magazine    

  Baltimore Magazine

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